Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lesson 7: Winter Wonderland part 2

I left off the last post with my quilt top all strip pieced together.  so now i had to nest the seams together and start sewing the rows together, this would be the test to see how accurate my cutting pressing and seams were!!

Away i went pinning the first two rows together............. and it went ....... pretty darn good. there were a couple of areas where i had to ease one block a bit to line it up with the other.   But on the whole not bad at all. Much much better than a couple of table toppers i pieced together back in the fall :) 
so here are the first 3 rows sewn together!!

 I spent a lot of time admiring it  LOL but eventually got on with the rest of it and again just minor easing in of a couple of blocks.
Here it is all sewn together!  I LOVE IT!    and feel really proud of myself for getting it ( mostly) right


some of  things i have learned doing this oone....... I still need to work on my pressing skills, i think i am still pushing too hard to the side and bending the strips when pressing the strip sets. ( Gotta get a new iron ! )  I keep thinking that the iron will solve that :)   I like the process of trying to find the "right " fabric  and i guess i will have to learn to live with it if i get it wrong!! I think i got it right with this one, i love the running horses on the warm sunset colours and think the other print that i had chosen would be lost in this. for the borders on this one i think i have enough of the horseshoe print to do the narrow border and then i will use the horse print for the wider border. ( if i have enough )
If i dont have enough of the horse print used for the blocks , i did get some of a bit different horse print but same colours that i can use. 

Not sure if i have enough....

This is the other horse print, that is my backup plan!

This lesson is finished! as of April 7, 2012.   and as i had the fabric all picked for the next one i was chomping at the bit to get started!

heres a sneak peak of the main fabric for Carries cowboy corral quilt!

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